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Glider flights and gliding lessons will provide you with the thrill of a lifetime, but also make wonderfully unique gifts for a thrill-seeking friend!

The sensation of flying a glider through the sky is like nothing you have ever experienced before, and you can bet it will leave you totally breathless! You will be able to enjoy spectacular views from this special vantage point, and experience a unique level of freedom in the skies.

Whether you’re looking for an introductory gliding lesson or want to try out this experience with a friend, there is something for everyone here at Xperience days! Take to the skies today and don’t look back!

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Glider Ride over PA

5 stars

Great ride! Since it was my 1st and I was a little nervous Pilot (David) was very calm and reassuring. We got to slide past a thunderstorm, glide in two thermals and soar like a bird. LOVED IT!!! 

- Maureen Bifolco - Erwinna, PA  6/29/2011

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Gliding Over Las Vegas

Take Flight with this Glider Rider Over the Beautiful Nevada Desert

4 stars

Imagine the thrill of soaring with this gliding experience over the Las Vegas Desert. You may choose

Metro: Las Vegas

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$199.00View Activity

Glider Ride Over Acadia

Soar Over Acadia National Park During this Thrilling Scenic Glider Flight

This Introductory Glider Scenic Aerial flight over Trenton and Acadia National Park is perfect for t

Metro: Bangor

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$230.00View Activity

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