Experience Days New Years Resolutions


We say it every January – time for a New Year & A New Us, but do we ever stick to it? There’s no fun in unrealistic fad diets, giving up alcohol or caffeine, so why not set something that you’re going to enjoy doing this 2017 whilst also trying something completely outside of your comfort zone? Our experiences are catered for beginners and you never know, you may even love it and decide to go again! Here’s a few ideas to get the ball rolling…

Ethnic Foods Cooking Class in Pittsburgh

If you’re planning to go travelling this 2017, why not spice up your knowledge of the foods you could be eating along your adventure and learn to cook the traditional dishes. From classic Thai dishes, Moroccan delights and Dinners from Tuscany, this experience has a variety of classes to suit your travels. This five-star rated experience is assured to not disappoint and leave you counting down the days until you’re off!


Spa Finder Vouchers

One resolution this 2017 should be to devote some quality time to yourself. The stress of Christmas gift buying and having the family round is over, so now you can treat your hard work with a bit of TLC on a luxurious Spa Day. Our Spa Finder vouchers can be credited with however much you’d like to treat yourself with, or give as a gift to someone truly deserving. With locations across the US, there’s no excuse to not enjoy a bit of me-time!

Tango Lesson in California

January is the perfect time to start learning a new hobby and before you know it you’ll be a professional dancer come December. This tango lesson covers two participants, so why not sign up with your significant other and learn the intimate tango. It takes two after all!resolutions-collage-2

Private Guitar Lesson in Boulder

Another great new years resolution could be learning to play a musical instrument. This guitar lesson is suitable for music lovers of all genres from rock fans, to classic or country enthusiasts. You’ll be taught by an expert musician who can show you the ropes (or strings if you’re being clever) and lead you through this one hour private guitar lesson. Enjoy!


We hope we’ve inspired you to try out a new experience this 2017. Be sure to let us know how it goes by writing a review on one of our products. Happy New Year!

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