Halloween at Xperience Days

Stock up on candy, get the sewing kits out and prepare those pumpkins! Halloween is coming and we want to provide you with the best treats (or tricks) to make it memorable one. What better way to do that than give or receive an Experience Days Gift Certificate for a unique and unforgettable experience.

In the Halloween spirit we bring you three experiences that will really send a shiver down your spine – one haunting and full of mystery, another mixing humor with horror and the final one to appeal to fans of rom-coms rather than horror stories. Prepare yourselves…you’re in for a bumpy ride!

New York City Ghost Tour 
Price: $50

Get involved with the madness in New York. Two hours of spooky ghost stories with only a lantern to light your way as you discover and explore the history behind the city. Delving into the mysteries and murders in New York, whilst being guided around Lower Manhattan, Greenwich Village, Hell’s Kitchen and the East Village. If you love haunting and horror stories, this experience is perfect for you, and even better you don’t have to tackle the terror on your own – this experience is for two! Just be careful who you take, your friend or loved one may play a wicked trick on you during the tour.

Savannah Ghost Tour for Two
Price: $52

What better place to start than the scariest city in America – Savannah. As you climb aboard the haunted trolley and get whisked around haunted houses and ghost ridden locations, but it’s not all terror and screams…the tour will tickle your sense of humor!

Ghost stories, murderous history and a chance to explore how Savannah got to be so haunting and dark, this two hour ghost tour will have you screaming with both fear and laughter. Once again, Experience Days provides it for two – well we wouldn’t want you facing the darkness all alone!

New York TV and Movie Location Tour
Price: $80

If you found the last two a bit too terrifying, why not take a slightly less scary visit to the firehouse used in Ghostbusters! Along with the famous haunted movie, the tour will guide you to other well-known film locations from Hitch, Men in Black and The Devil Wears Prada. If that’s not enough you can test your TV knowledge when you’re  taken to the famous Friend’s flat, the restaurant from Enchanted and locations from Gossip Girl. A three hour guided tour to put your TV knowledge to the test, why not try act out a couple of your favorite scenes?

Three experiences to get your vampire teeth into, whether you really want a fright this Halloween or fancy something a little less blood pumping!