Bridge To Nowhere Bungee Jump

Plunge Off The Bridge To Nowhere Over the San Gabriel River in Azusa

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Get ready for the adventure of a life time as you bungee jump off of the Bridge to Nowhere! This experience gift is guaranteed to sweep you off of your feet!

The fun begins in the morning when you meet your Guide and the rest of the group at the Trailhead in Azusa. You will then set out for a five-mile, two hour hike to the Bridge to Nowhere. Located in the Angeles National Forest, this magnificent bridge over the San Gabriel River is the setting for the perfect Bungee Jump!  Once the group has arrived you will take turns strapping into the harness and jumping off of the bridge. When it is your turn to take the plunge, you can choose to jump backwards or superman dive face forwards. This thrilling adventure ends with a five-mile hike back to the trailhead during which you will have the chance to re-live the moment with all of the new friends you’ve met on the journey.

So whether you are looking for the perfect adventure gift or the ultimate thrill, this Bridge to Nowhere Bungee Jumping Experience is the ticket!

The Bridge To Nowhere Bungee Jump Xperience Certificate® is for one participant. There will be additional participants on the adventure.

You may invite guests to join the hike and watch your jump.

California, Azusa

The Bungee Jumping Experience is offered Saturdays and Sundays year-round, subject to availability. Trips typically begin at 7:00 AM.

The Bungee Jumping Adventure is a full day experience. It includes a 2 hour hike to the bridge, one Bungee Jump from the Bridge (unless an Additional Jump Option is selected) and a 2 hour hike back. The total duration of this experience varies depending on the season and the number of participants.

The Bridge To Nowhere Bungee Jumping may be rescheduled by the Guide due to high winds, heavy rain, fog or other inclement weather.

What to wear
Please wear flexible and comfortable clothing and footwear appropriate for hiking and the outdoors.

Additional Information
Participation is limited to individuals over 12 years of age. Participants under the age of 18 must have written permission from a parent. All equipment is included. Bungee cords are approximately ten times stronger than the forces they experience and all equipment for bungee jumping is rated at over 4000 pounds. There is an additional fee of $30 for any participant weighing over 265lbs. Each jumper wears two independent harnesses. A seat harness supports the waist, thighs and buttocks while a chest harness supports the chest, back and shoulders. There is no maximum weight limit for this experience. Jumps are run by Bungee America, the exclusive operator of the only state-licensed bungee jumping bridge in California. Bungee America has been in operation since 1989 and has a perfect safety record.

Participants must bring their own packed lunch and beverages and are required to sign a Liability Release Form.

Participants are able to bring guests along as spectators. There is a $10 fee for each spectator which must be paid upon reservation.


Cancellation Policy
All changes to reservations for the Bridge To Nowhere Bungee Jump Experience fourteen (14) days advance notice.

Xperience Certificates® cannot be exchanged once a reservation for the experience has been made.

Bridge To Nowhere Bungee Jump Unique Gift  

Bungee Jumping Options (optional):

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Please use Add to Cart to purchase a Gift Certificate For this experience. More Info How Experience Gifts Work To make a reservation at the time of purchase call (866) 973-7436

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