Experience Gifts For Charities

Experience Gifts For Charities


Experience Days® is proud to be able to support a whole host of US and international charities, fund-raising benefits, and charitable causes. We see it as our corporate responsibility to give back to our communities where possible.

Our experience gift certificates give people the chance to take part in once-in-a-lifetime adventures, making them the ultimate prize for any charity gala, raffle, or prize draw!

Experience Days® receives a high volume of donation requests so unfortunately are not able to contribute to every worthy cause. However, we welcome requests and depending on the type of event, would be pleased to be able to offer one of the following options:

1.    If you are contacting as a member of a registered US charity or company, we are happy to offer you a direct gift certificate donation to be auctioned off, raffled, or given as a prize at your event.

The donation will have a value of up to $50.00 and can be provided in the form of an open “Dollar” certificate, or as a gift certificate for a specific tour or experience of your choosing. This donation option would usually be provided free of charge, subject to qualification.

2.    If you are holding your own fund-raising event for an unregistered cause or on behalf of a registered charity, or are simply unable to provide any form of PR on the behalf of the charity, there is still an option available to you.

We work with hundreds of different experience providers and tour companies across the US, and our charity scheme allows us to be able to offer a range of gift certificates at our wholesale price (rather than the RRP) - you can purchase these at the discounted rate, and auction the certificates off at your event.

Prior to your event, the charity scheme certificates can either be purchased upfront, or sent to you without payment and then invoiced once the auction has taken place. If you choose to make payment once the benefit has been held, you’ll have the flexibility of discarding any certificates that do not sell, at no cost to yourselves.

We are proud to have been offering our donations since 2004 and look forward to helping other worthy causes. If you are interested in either of the options outlined above and would like to know more, please feel free to contact our charity requests team via the contact form here on our contact us page. (Please choose 'Charity Requests' from the dropdown menu). Please complete all marked fields and include as much detail about your event as possible – the team will get back to you as soon as possible.