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Flying Lessons

Flying Lessons, Introductory Flights and Discovery Flight Gift Certificates

Give your loved ones the gift of flight and the chance to fly a plane themselves with one of our incredible flying lessons, taking off all over the USA!

A flying lesson is the perfect gift idea for those people who seem to have it all. Whether it’s their first time in the cockpit or they've piloted before, the thrill of take-off and the sheer beauty of the landscape passing beneath them will excite every time, and give them memories to last a lifetime. We have flying lessons available throughout America, in reputable flying schools that send you up with experienced and professional pilots. You could hover over New York in a helicopter, fly over Phoenix at sunset, or soar over Sedona’s sandstone - wherever you are in the US, you’ll find a flying lesson close to you.

To fly an airplane is an experience like no other, and one that won’t be forgotten in a hurry. So if you want to really blow them away with a special gift, give your friends and family a fantastic flying lesson!

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  • This was my second time participating in the Chef for a Day in NYC experience and I couldn't recommend it more! Abigail is so knowledgeable and creative in her craft. The restaurant is incredibly accommodating, food is top notch, location is excellent! An amazing experience!

    - Pennsylvania
  • I received this as a gift from my sweet girlfriend and they let her fly with us. If you love spending your day in the most unique way then this is definitely for you. Will probably be back sooner then later.

    - Trenton, NJ