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Sailing Experiences

Life On The Ocean Waves

Sit back, set sail, and see the world from a whole new perspective with one of our superb sailing experiences!

It’s difficult to describe the feeling of freedom that you get when out sailing... gliding through the swell with the wind in your face and the sun sparkling on the water's surface is nothing but pure pleasure! We offer sailing experiences all over America that will give you a chance to cruise in a beautiful sailboat getting a taste of the sailor’s life! Whether you want a romantic sunset sailing trip, a city skyline sightseeing tour, or even a schooner sailing and whale watching adventure, you’ll find the perfect sailing experience here on Experience Days!

So if you’re a landlubber who wants to find your sea legs or you’re looking for an exciting gift for adventurous loved ones, try one of our sailing experiences!

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  • I have never done a food tour before, but my girlfriend has been on several. We were very lucky to have good weather and the guides were great. They were extremely knowledgable and were very involved in the Frederick community. The tour size was perfect (about 10) where we could move easily and chat with different people. We enjoyed the food selection, especially the wine and beer tastings! There was a good amount of walking on this trip, which is why the advice of comfortable shoes is a must. It was nice that the food / drink stops were evenly spaced around so you had time to digest before moving on to another stop. This was a wonderful experience, I definitely recommend it, and would love do go on another!

    - Gaithersburg, MD
  • The boat tour was nice, but we could not hear what the tour guide was saying on the top level (outside) of the boat. We were forced to choose a better view outside and not be able to hear the interesting facts about the city, or to sit inside and hear he facts, but not be able to truly enjoy the view. That was frustrating. Otherwise, it was nice.

    - NYC