Schooner America Sunset Sail New York Review


I am currently in notably one of the best cities in the world – New York! As New York is situated on one of the world’s largest natural harbors opening into New York Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, what better way to see the city than by water!

7I traveled with my mom to Chelsea Pier to take a Sunset Cruise on the America Schooner along the Hudson River. We arrived late afternoon so we had the luxury of seeing the river both by day and night, which both have individual benefits, meaning this cruise could be done either in the morning or by night for completely different viewpoints and experiences.

Chelsea Pier has state of the art facilities with the long stretch of the river park accommodating; cafés, bars and restaurants dotted along. You can walk to various 1restaurants across the boardwalk which curves between green pathways of the park. We chose the ‘Frying Pan’ to have dinner, which is about a 5 minute walk from Pier 66 (where the boat departs). The restaurant is a historic light vessel floating on the river and is a bar and grill. The food was delicious as well as reasonably priced. However, if you plan to go in the evening, you do have to be over 21 to enter! If you do have time before or after the cruise, I would also recommend visiting the historic Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Float Transfer Bridge, which dates back to the early 1970s and is located east of the barge (Pier 66 Maritime).
5As we headed towards the Pier to board, we watched a variety of vessels dock and depart from fisherman rowing boats to huge exquisite yachts. Handing in our tickets, we stepped aboard the sailing vessel. This particular vessel was the Schooner America 2.0 and was a true masterpiece. 105 foot in size with a 1800s décor style, the Schooner was crafted from cedar wood and marine grade aluminium to produce an elegant and refined build that effortlessly glided us down the river.

We were introduced to our waiters and captain of the cruise, and although not a guided tour, they happily offered to inform us of any questions we had overlooking the sites. The weather was warm and humid with a refreshing sea breeze in the air throughout the journey. The vessel had comfortable sofa like seating across the walls of the vessel and fitted around 40 people to make a more personal experience. There was also a bar downstairs and seating in the lower deck if you wish to stay out of the wind! The service was superb and we received 3 complimentary beverages throughout, from a choice of either soft drinks, champagne, wine or beer.

The sun began to dip behind the horizon highlighting the glorious New York skyline and we edged about 20 feet away from the Green Goddess herself – The Statue of Liberty! This was the closest I’d ever been and a great chance for a photo opportunity. Headed home, the Financial District was lit up like a thousand twinkling stars to form a postcard setting.

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The Sunset Schooner America Sunset Sail in New York is a unique gift and an experience I will never forget. I would recommend this gift for couples, close friends and families with older children.


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