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Experience Gifts in Maine

Experience Gifts in Maine

Give the gift of a Maine memory, with an unforgettable experience gift. Blessed with around five thousand miles of beautiful coastline, thirty two thousand miles of river, six thousand lakes, and an incredible 17 million acres of verdant forest land, Maine is the perfect state to get out and about, experiencing everything it has to offer.

It’s not surprising that we offer a fantastic selection of outdoor adventures in Maine. Whether they like to take it easy, or get a bit more extreme, you’ll find a fantastic outdoor experience that they will absolutely love, right here.

You could give them a wonderful walking experience out in the beautiful Maine countryside. Whether it’s a guided hike to see the beautiful Moxie falls, a wonderful trek along the Appalachian Trail, or a hike up Mosquito Mountain, our hiking experiences offer them the perfect opportunity to get some exercise, breathe in some clean air, and see Maine in a whole new light.

For seafaring folk we offer some truly exhilarating sailing experiences in some of Maine’s most beautiful bays; Rockport Harbour and Casco Bay to name a few. Give them the incredible opportunity to cruise along the Maine coast in a beautiful Schooner ship, or even enjoy dinner on a yacht!

With skydives, airplane flights, cooking classes, whitewater rafting, painting and much much more available in Maine, you’ll have no problem finding them the perfect Maine experience gift certificate!

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  • This was my second time participating in the Chef for a Day in NYC experience and I couldn't recommend it more! Abigail is so knowledgeable and creative in her craft. The restaurant is incredibly accommodating, food is top notch, location is excellent! An amazing experience!

    - Pennsylvania
  • I received this as a gift from my sweet girlfriend and they let her fly with us. If you love spending your day in the most unique way then this is definitely for you. Will probably be back sooner then later.

    - Trenton, NJ