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Miami Gifts

Experience Gifts in Miami and Ideas for Unique Gifts in Miami

Miami is famous for many things - its amazing nightlife, key lime pie, perpetual sunshine, beautiful beaches and beautiful people, to name but a few! With Miami's tropical climate, there is plenty of opportunity to be outside, really experiencing the city - so what better gift to give in the Magic City than a magical experience gift voucher?

With so much going on in Miami, it can be difficult to choose the perfect gift experience for locals. You might think a Miami tour is that last thing a Miami local would want as a gift experience, but the Miami tours we offer are just as interesting for natives are they are for tourists! The GoCar Miami Adventure is a wonderful, fun way to see the city. Hop in a computerized car, and drive around the city as your vehicle tells you stories that bring the city to life!

There is also an abundance of superb food tours available in Miami. The foodie scene is vibrant in Miami. Carribean and Latin American influences have fused with American cuisine, resulting in a wonderful hybrid type of cooking known as 'Floribbean'. A Miami food tour voucher is an interesting, and delicious, way for locals to learn a little bit more about their city, without necessarily feeling like tourists!

If you want to give them an aerial tour of Miami, look no further than the superb scenic flight tours we offer. We've got gift vouchers for some really incredible sightseeing flights, including tours of West Palm Beach by helicopter, a Bi-Plane ride over Key West, or a Seaplane flight over Miami. Of course, they may be the sort of person that prefers to get really hands-on, in which case a Miami flying lesson might be more up their street. Our 'Learn To Fly A Helicopter' experience voucher is based in West Palm Beach, a truly beautiful place to learn to fly!

For those who prefer to keep their feet on terra firma, there is a superb selection of experiences to suit almost any preference. Miami NASCAR driving experiences, Lamborghini driving, and even Indy Car driving experiences in Miami are the perfect gift idea for Miami motor-lovers. If water is their thing, there are some really excellent sailing excursions in Miami, as well as kiteboarding lessons, paddleboarding in Fort Lauderdale, and even an underwater safari - the Biscayne Bay snorkel tour!

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  • Honestly one of the most fun, exhilarating experiences I've had in a while. Would recommend!

    - San Jose
  • I have never done a food tour before, but my girlfriend has been on several. We were very lucky to have good weather and the guides were great. They were extremely knowledgable and were very involved in the Frederick community. The tour size was perfect (about 10) where we could move easily and chat with different people. We enjoyed the food selection, especially the wine and beer tastings! There was a good amount of walking on this trip, which is why the advice of comfortable shoes is a must. It was nice that the food / drink stops were evenly spaced around so you had time to digest before moving on to another stop. This was a wonderful experience, I definitely recommend it, and would love do go on another!

    - Gaithersburg, MD