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Experience the magic of a paragliding flying experience with the awesome range here at Experience Days.

Maybe you want to start paragliding lessons and become an independent paraglider; perhaps you want to try an exhilarating new activity; or maybe you are looking for a unique experience gift for a friend: whatever your reasons, you can’t go wrong with a thrilling paragliding experience. Flying over some of the USA’s most spectacular scenery with the wind in your hair is an experience you will never forget, and we bet you will be totally hooked.

With so many great locations across the country, a paragliding flight makes an extra special gift that anyone can enjoy. Nothing can compare to the mind-blowing adrenaline buzz you get from paragliding, so experience the thrill today and don’t look back!

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Paragliding Experiences Experience Gifts    

Paragliding Arizona

Discover the Thrill of Paragliding Over Arizona

5 stars

Experience the amazing thrill of flight as you go Paragliding over Arizona during a Tandem Paragliding Flight. Your Paragliding Adventure beings with a brief ground instruction from your Certified Pilot. Once ready, you will be put into a comfortable harness and strapped to your Pilot. With just a f...

Metro: Phoenix

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$248.00View Activity

Paramotor Paragliding Over Nez Perce

A Three Hour Tandem Paramotor Paragliding Introductory Flight Lesson

Enjoy the thrill of a foot launched tandem flight in a Paramotor Paraglider over Eagles Nest, a U.S. Airborne Flight Park. During a Three Hour Lesson, you will be guided by an experienced flight instructor as you learn to launch a motorized paraglider and land. This is a "hands-on" chance to pilot...

Metro: Spokane

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$275.00View Activity

Introductory Powered Paragliding in Malibu

Soar Fifteen Minutes on a Paraglide Flight Over Southern California

Make everyone on the beach jealous as you soar over their heads on this unique 15 Minute Powered Paragliding Experience in Malibu. This is an incredible way to experience the tranquil but exhilarating thrill of Paragliding while also experiencing the beautiful scenic vistas of Southern California. Y...

Metro: Los Angeles

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$180.00View Activity

Paragliding Experience Over Malibu

Soar Effortlessly over the Stunning Beaches of Southern California on a Powered Paraglider in Malibu

5 stars

Take off from either the hills of Ojai, just to the north of Los Angeles, or from the cliff tops overlooking the beaches of Malibu, depending on your flight time. Paragliding is the easiest and safest way to experience the thrill of flight and one of the most incredible ways to enjoy...

Metro: Los Angeles

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$220.00View Activity

Santa Barbara Paragliding

Experience the Thrill of Paragliding Over Santa Barbara

5 stars

Experience the tranquil but exhilarating thrill of Paragliding during a Tandem Paragliding Flight in Santa Barbara. A paragliding paradise, Santa Barbara is one of the top California Paragliding locations. In fact, the training hill where you will meet with your instructor is recognized as one of th...

Metro: Santa Barbara

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$138.00View Activity

Paragliding Over Del Rey Beach

Discover Paragliding During a Tandem Flight at Sunset Beach

5 stars

Enjoy breathtaking views of Oregon’s beautiful North Coast during this Introductory Tandem Paragliding Flight! The fun of this experience gift begins when you meet your Instructor at the launching location at Sunset Beach State Park just north of Seaside, Oregon. You will begin with a brief gr...

Metro: Portland

participants Price for 1 Participant:

$175.00View Activity

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