Hands-On Aerobatic Adventure

Thrill in an Aerobatic Aircraft with a Forty-Five Minute Hands-On Flight

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After a full briefing you and your instructor will step into the aircraft and strap yourselves in for an electrifying 45-minute aerobatic flight. The mission profile begins with advanced handling and warm-ups and move into aerobatic maneuvers. Your expert instructor will demonstrate how to fly each maneuver before giving you the controls to try the maneuver yourself!

Keep it mild or push yourself to the ultimate in extreme aerobatics – you choose how far you want to go. Enjoy a thrilling high-speed low-altitude pass down the runway to “wow” family and friends watching from the observation deck. During your debriefing, the instructor will give an overview of your accomplishments, play the in-flight video for all to view, and conclude by presenting you with a much deserved “Hero” photo.

You will receive an in-flight video at the end of your experience. The video is an MP4 file and is put on a CD. This video is included. This Hands-On Aerobatic Adventure will have you tossing and turning mid-air with a fully-certified pilot making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

The Hands-On Aerobatic Adventure Xperience Certificate® is for one participant.

You may invite guests to the airport to watch your aerial adventure.

Arizona, Mesa

The Hands-On Aerobatic Adventure is offered Tuesday thru Saturday year-round, subject to availability.

The Super Aerobatic Flight includes Ground Instruction of 30 minutes and a flight time of up to 45 minutes and a total duration of approximately 2½ to 3 hours.

The Hands-On Aerobatic Super Flight may be cancelled by the Pilot due to high winds, heavy rain, fog or other inclement weather.

What to wear
Dress comfortably, layers and flat rubber-soled shoes and layers are recommended for this aerial adventure.

Additional Information
Participation in the Hands-On Aerobatic Adventure Experience is limited to individuals weighing more than 100lbs and less than 250lbs and less than 6'6" tall and over 15 years of age.

The planes used for the Hands-On Aerobatic Adventure Experiences are EXTRA 300L: German-Built, FAA-Certified. These planes are the highest performance certified aerobatic aircraft in the World. The Extra is used by top aerobatic and air show performers world-wide. The Extra is stressed to +/- 10G's, has a roll rate of 360°/second, and a climb rate in excess of 3200 fpm making it one of the safest and most capable aircraft in the sky. The aircraft are maintained in strict accordance with the Federal Air Regulations and the instructors, former military fighter pilots, have full credentials.

Participants are advised to be well rested for the flight. Please avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours prior to the scheduled experience. Motion sickness is possible but unlikely and can be reduced by avoiding heavy meal(s) prior to the scheduled flight. Participants are required to sign a Liability Release Form prior to flight.

No previous flying experience is required.

Upon completion of the experience you will receive a Cockpit Hero Photo and an in-flight video. The video is an MP4 file and is put on a CD. This video is included.


Cancellation Policy
All changes to reservations for the Hands-On Aerobatic Adventure Experience require fourteen (14) days advance notice.

Xperience Certificates® cannot be exchanged once a reservation for the experience has been made.

Hands-On Aerobatic Adventure Unique Gift  

Please use Add to Cart to purchase a Gift Certificate For this experience. More Info How Experience Gifts Work To make a reservation at the time of purchase call (866) 973-7436

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