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Experience San Diego in a GoCar, a Computer-Guided Storytelling Car

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GoCar is the world's first computer-guided storytelling car. The clever talking car navigates for you, but that's not all. As you drive, it points out the sights and tells you the stories that bring San Diego to life.

These cars are smart. An on-board computer and a GPS-system do the thinking so you can actually relax and take in the sights. Best of all, the adventure happens at your pace. You can stop for photos, take detours, grab a coffee or break for lunch. (You'll actually be able to park!) Or you can blaze your own trail and explore the city streets, neighborhoods and parks on your own.

GoCars and the cell house audio two tour are available in several different languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. This experience is a great way to show your out-of-town friends around, learn a bit more about your own city, and if you're a visitor – there is simply no better way to experience San Diego.

The San Diego GoCar Adventure Xperience Certificate® is for one participant.

You may invite a guest to join you on the GoCar Adventure. GoCars hold a maximum of two participants total.

California, San Diego

The San Diego GoCar Tour is offered seven days a week year-round, subject to availability. Adventures can be scheduled from 9:00 AM thru 6:00 PM.

The San Diego GoCar Driving Tour is 2 hours and has a total duration of approximately 2˝ hours, unless an Extended Tour option is added.

The San Diego GoCar Adventure Tour may be cancelled due to heavy rain or other inclement weather.

What to wear
Dress comfortably, flat, non-marking rubber-soled shoes and layers are recommended for this open-car adventure.

Additional Information
GoCars were nominated by Time Magazine as "one of the most amazing inventions of the year". They can be driven up 35 MPH and are powered by a gas engine that gets 60+ MPG.

Tour Options Include:
Downtown San Diego:This tour route brings together all that San Diego has to offer in a compact adventure that includes Balboa Park, Petco Park, the GasLamp, Seaport Village, and the Zoo.
Point Loma: This tour is designed to give you a completely different expsoure to the San Diego you think you know. It ventures into San Diego's maritime and naval past and present by routing you West toward the Cabrillo National Monument and exploring some of the US Navy's installations along the way.

Participants must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid Driver's License. Insurance is available and can be purchased by the paricipant on the day of the experience for $9.00. Participants are required to sign a Liability Release Form.


Cancellation Policy
All changes to reservations for the San Diego GoCar Adventure Experience require seven (7) days advance notice.

Xperience Certificates® cannot be exchanged once a reservation for the experience has been made.

Go Car Adventure 

3 stars

It was alot of fun cruising through San Diego and getting a history lesson too but it was very scary driving on some of the very crowded main streets since our speed was so much slower and our car would stall out at long signals. I would feel safer in smaller areas. 

- - San Diego, Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Silly at first but amazing time 

5 stars

My girlfriend and I did this for our anniversary and had a blast. It was silly at first because of the Go Car and what it looked like. After a few min of laughing it was just the best time. I recommend this to everyone that want to see San Diego in as different way. 

- - Huntington Beach, Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Go Car Adventure in San Diego 

5 stars

What a blast. The vendor was excellent. Very helpful and friendly. We had so much fun driving the streets of San Diego. People stopped and looked at us, kids loved it. We felt like we were in a parade. The GPS was fantastic. You cannot get lost. The tour information was great. Anyone would love this adventure. Lots of fun! Book it! 

- - Huntington Beach, Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It Broke, But Still Had Fun 

5 stars

Great fun for an hour, then the GPS device's speakers went out undoubtedly due to our failure to avoid several large potholes in the road, resulting in bone-jarring impacts that would break any electronics. So without the cool female voice (with a slightly corny sense of humor) telling us what we were looking at, we decided to return to the shop. They were very helpful and offered all kinds of creative ways to resolve the issue, so we chose to return another day, because my wife had so much fun! They gave us a brand new excursion with all time we spent refunded. It was great dealing with people who knew what they were doing and went out of their way to keep us happy. My wife really loved it and insisted on driving like a maniac, which made the experience a genuine adventure. Caveat: I wouldn't recommend this activity for larger people. I'm 6-4, 250 lbs, and these cars are just too small for us volume-challenged people. I still managed to squeeze in, though, and had a fun time, but an hour turned out to be plenty for me. Maniac woman, however, was game for more much more. I'm sure she'll be able to find a suitably insane companion for her next outing. 

- - San Diego, Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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