Stockcar Short Track Racecar Driving

Experience 10 Exciting Laps Behind the Wheel on a Racing Short Track

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This thrilling Track Day provides racing fans and thrill seekers alike with a unique chance to sit behind the wheel and drive a real 500-plus horsepower Sprint Cup style racecar around an 5/8 Mile High Banked Oval!

Your Racecar Driving Experience Gift begins with a one-hour Drivers Meeting which covers instruction on driving techniques, safety procedures and everything you need to know to prepare you for this thrilling adventure. Before getting behind the wheel, you will take a narrated van ride around the track to learn the all about the racing line. Once the Driver’s training session is complete, it’s time to suit up and head to Pit Lane. You will climb through the window of your stockcar and get strapped into the five point harness. When the green flag is waved, it’s your signal to exit the pits and put the pedal to the metal! Once on the track you will reach speeds over 100 miles an hour as you floor it for 10 heart pounding laps!

So, take a deep breath and prepare for the ride of your life! This Stockcar Racing experience is the perfect unique gift for every racing fan!

The Stockcar Short Track Racecar Driving Xperience Certificate® is for one participant. You will be joined by up to 20 additional participants during the class and on the track.

You may invite guests to the track to watch your NASCAR Racing Experience.

Connecticut, Thompson
Connecticut, Waterford
Vermont, West Haven

The Stockcar Racing Experience is offered at specific locations and on specific dates throughout the year, subject to availability. Dates are subject to change.

The Stockcar Drive includes 4 to 5 Practice Laps and 5 to 6 Racing Laps and has a total duration of approximately 3 hours, unless an Additional Lap Option is selected.

The Stockcar Racing may be cancelled by the Instructor due to heavy rain or other inclement weather. If a reservation is cancelled due to weather, you will receive a rain-check valid for one year from that date which can be used towards another reservation. The rain-check is non-refundable.

What to wear
Dress comfortably, a driving suit will be provided. Please bring a T-shirt that will fit under the driving suit and sneakers. (Hiking boots are not permitted.) Please refrain from using any hair sprays or gels.

Additional Information
Participation in the Stockcar Short Track Driving is limited to individuals weighing less than 350lbs and less than 6’8” tall. Individuals who are pregnant, have broken bones or other physical conditions which are considered unsafe in racing conditions are not eligible to participate. Participants must be at least 5’ tall, 100lbs, 18 years of age, and have a valid drivers license.

Participants are required to sign a Liability Release Form.

Insurance is available for an additional $69.00 and may be purchased from the racing school after reservation. The policy covers damage to the racecar resulting from driver error and is subject to a $1,200.00 deductible.

Practice laps are included in all packages and are used to get the car warmed up and to get the participant comfortable with the car and up to speed quickly. For example, if a package for 26 laps is selected, then the first 3 laps will be run as warm up and drills and 22 laps will be run under the green flag for a total of 25 laps.

An IN-CAR DVD is available for purchase on the day of the experience. Prices range from $39 to $89 depending on the number of laps.


Cancellation Policy
All changes to reservations for the Stockcar Short Track Driving Experience require thirty-five (35) days advance notice. Changes to reservations are subject to a $50.00 administrative fee. No changes can be made to reservations within 35 days of the scheduled reservation.

Xperience Certificates® cannot be exchanged once a reservation for the experience has been made.

Stock Car Racing Review 

5 stars

Amazing! Bought for my fiance and he absolutely loved it! Everyone was super nice and professional. It was fun and the day was really organized too. I def recommend buying the extra laps. I did and was thankful because some other people didn't and regretted it. I defrecommend this to anyone who likes to drive! 

- - Thompson ct, Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Short Track 

4 stars

For the money its a little pricey for 10 laps, takes a good 3 or 4 to get used to the car, you lose the ability to push if you are good with the other inexperianced drivers on the course, they should at least do 15 laps, they actually did pull slower drive off the track but it was after 5 laps, they should have everyone do a test lap before they put everyone out there together to get a sense of good vs bad drivers. Just a thought. Overall it was fun. 

- - Thompson CT, Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stockcar Short Track Driving 

5 stars

This was an amazing experience! Can't wait to go again!!! 

- - Thompson, Ct, Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I got the need...the need for speed! 

5 stars

This was an amazing experience to do 10 laps in real stock car. Recommended for auto enthusiast! 

- - NYC, Monday, July 01, 2013

Short Track Experience 

5 stars

I loved it! Everyone was great, class before driving was very informative. Had a lot of fun would recommend this to others, may even do it again myself. I had a blast! 

- - Thompson Ct, Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Track Racing 

4 stars

My family and I had a great day at the track. However the waiting was to long. Very disorganized. They said to be there at 11:00. I did not drive until 2:00 pm. My car was very slow compared to other ones #5. The host was wonderful the people were so friendly. It will be a memorable moment in my life.The day could use some improvements. 

- - Centereach NY, Thursday, May 02, 2013

Stockcar Short Track Driving 

5 stars

From begining to end, this was a pleasure. The staff was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The cars were 'the real thing'. They race the cars that you drive. Some of them were actual cup cars. Make sure to buy extra laps if you're really interested in driving. The time goes by much too quickly and it takes a few laps to get the feel of it. This is a great gift to give yourself or anyone who thinks they want drive a race car. 

- - Thompson Speedway, CT, Wednesday, May 01, 2013


5 stars

The entire process was handled very professionally. The pre-ride information was very detailed, the class was informal but extremely detailed and having the track in front of us helped me clarify the written materials provided. The entire team is very experienced and the radio communication during the driving was very helpful in making the entire day fun and safe. 

- - Thompson, CT, Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nascar Experience 

5 stars

A gift from my kids, what a great time. It was a super day, I talked my wife into the ride along with a pro, she loved it and wants to drive next time. The staff was great everybody puts a lot of work into making it a special day. My instructor Tom made me feel at ease and safe with the car. It was so worth it. Glad we did it! Thanks to everybody who made this happen for me. Get out there and do it, you wont regret it. 

- - Jersey Shore, Friday, November 23, 2012

Al Lane Driving School 

5 stars

Had a great time, I've worked on race cars for a lot of years but never had a opportunity to drive one. This experience completed my racing career. Thank you! 

- - Thompson ct., Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lane Driving School Review 

5 stars

They were great. This is about the only place that actually lets you 'race' their cars, going as fast as you can and passing. The people are helpful, friendly and interested in you having a good time. Highly recommended. 

- - Thompson CT, Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Greta experience 

5 stars

I purchased this gift as a birthday present for my husband and was completely satisfied! There was a bit of a mixup with our time which was our fault but the staff was extremely professional and were able to accommodate us after. We traveled from long island ny and would return and recommend this xperience to anyone!!! My husband came out with a cheese smile and thas what counted!!! 

- - Thompson, Connecticut, Monday, September 10, 2012

Stockcar Short Track Driving 

5 stars

The whole experience was exceptional! Far exceeded my husband's expectations! Over all A GREAT DAY @ the races!! We will be back!!! 

- - Thompson International Speedway, Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Great experience 

5 stars

Do it! If you even are considering getting this for your partner, do it. It was my first time driving a race car and it was so much fun. I recommend doing the drive along with a pro before doing it yourself. It was an eye opener to learn what the car could really do. You then take either the same car or a similar car out on the track and have a point of comparison. The drive along was very fun in itself so get that for yourself as well. I would definitely do this again! 

- - East Longmeadow, Ma, Monday, September 03, 2012

My Birthday Gift 

4 stars

Fantastic experience! It surpassed all my expectations, the Staff at Thompson Speedway were great too. Will definitely do it again. 

- - Thompson International Speedway, Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A LOT of fun 

5 stars

This is as real as it gets. A lot of fun and they really let you open up the throttle unlike most places. AND they encourage passing and racing at your own speed. Great place to race! 

- - Boston MA, Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Awesome Driving Experience 

5 stars

If you love driving you will definitely enjoy this experience! I had high expectations and it surpassed even that. A much different experience from street driving one every enthusiast should try at least once. I will be back for more! 

- - Long Island NY, Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Racing School 

4 stars

Awesome experience, definitely will do it again. 

- - Thompson CT, Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Lap Driving Experience 

5 stars

Every one was just great, the only thing should of did 20 laps. 

- - Conn, Wednesday, August 03, 2011


5 stars

Great driving experience. All was AWESOME! 

- - Thomson, CT, Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stockcar driving 

5 stars

So Good!! Thrill for a life time!! 

- - Thompson, Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stockcar Short Track 

5 stars

This was the best gift ever! Shake & Bake Rickey Bobby!!! 

- - Mass, Friday, June 10, 2011

50 Lap Racing Experience 

5 stars

Absolutley fantastic. I bought this experience as a gift for my husband and he loved it. Kelly and his crew were great and made the whole experience very memorable. We will definitely be returning with our son next time. The only poblem we encountered was the heat. It was very hot in October and would recommend driving in the cooler months. 

- - Fontana, CA, Thursday, November 19, 2009

Racing Experience 

5 stars

It was great. I was not worried or nervous about a thing. The fact that I had an instructor in the car realy took the edge off. The experience was a gift but when I found out what it cost I thought it very afordable. I have seen other racing experieces that cost a lot more but in these times I like the numbers and the experience at your site. I have refered your site to all my friends and co-workers. Thank You 

- - Fontana, Saturday, October 31, 2009

Racing Experience - It was fun! 

4 stars

I really enjoyed myself! My instructor was doing his best to show me how to take the turns and overall just how to be the fastest car on the track. I passed 3 cars! 10 laps seemed like no time at all, I would highly recommend doing at least 20 laps. Everyone was very helpful and it was a very fun experience! 

- - Auto Club Speedway, Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10 Lap Stock Car Experience 

3 stars

Cars are great. Kelly (the Owner of racing exp) was great, telling us that he wanted us to race hard and pass in the drivers meeting, but Tom, my ride along driver kept putting his hand on the steering wheel and pulling on my leg to slow down. This was my first time in a stock car, so maybe he was doing his job to keep it safe, but it took away from the experience. Kelly (the owner of racing exp) and the drivers in his car were always the fasted car out there leading me to believe that he let his drivers drive and he pushed them. I talked to a driver that had Kelly in his car and he confirmed this. Also if over 6'tall the cars will be a tight fit. I'm 6'5' and was in their tall car and it was to tight to drive comfortably. Helmet radios and being told what to do would be better than having the exp driver grabbing the wheel unless it was a true emergency. Overall it is worth trying it at least once and if you get Kelly as your exp ride along driver it would be worth going back several times. 

- - Auto Club Speedway, Tuesday, April 28, 2009


5 stars

This experience was exactly what it claimed to be. No holding back, go as fast as you can without going into the wall!! I learned alot and had a blast. I'm definitley going to do it again and more laps next time around, i was just getting warmed up.... The cars were in great shape no issues - this is the real deal.
Thanks for putting this together and the instructors weren't too shabby either!! 

- - Fontana, CA, Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Racing Experience 

5 stars

The experience was awesome! I would definitely do it again. It was one of the best birthday presents i have had! 

- - Fontana,Ca, Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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