Formula 101 Racecar Driving

Learn To Drive an Open Wheel Formula Racecar

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Learn to drive a genuine open-wheel formula race car during this half-day racing experience in Central Pennsylvania. This high speed racing adventure provides anyone who has ever wanted to be a racecar driver with the opportunity to suit up, strap in, and drive a race car at speed up to 100mph!

Your experience begins with instruction on what it takes to control a racecar when driving at high speeds on a road track followed by live demonstrations. Following your brief orientation and driver training, you start your engine and hit the track! This exciting adventure includes three lapping sessions, with typically thrilling 12 laps per session! You will take a break between each session to receive feedback from your Racing Instructor to improve your lap time.

Imagine yourself strapped in behind the wheel of an Indy-style formula 101 car, flying an inch off the ground at speeds up to 100 miles per hour - what could be more exciting! So whether you are a diehard racing fan or have always dreamed of driving a racecar, this experience is perfect and makes a great gift for any thrill seeker!

The Formula 101 Racecar Driving Xperience CertificateĀ® is for one participant. There will be up to 20 additional participants at the track.

You may invite guests to the track to watch your Formula Racing Experience.

Pennsylvania, Hershey

The Formula 101 Racecar is offered on specific dates year-round, subject to availability.

The Formula 101 Racecar Drive includes three track sessions for more than 30 laps on the track and has a total experience time of approximately 4Ā½ hours.

The Drive a Formula 101 Racecar may be cancelled by the Instructor due to heavy rain or other inclement weather. Cancellations due to weather are rare.

What to wear
Comfortable clothing and rubber soled shoes are recommended. Driving gloves are optional. A driver's suit and helmet will be provided.

Additional Information
This racing experienc takes place on two exciting road-course style circuits. Track One offers a tight eight turn layout, requiring exacting car placement and extremely smooth steering and throttle input. Track Two offers a more wide open layout, also has eight turns, but has a long high speed decreasing-radius sweeper. Both tracks present their own unique set of challenges and fun.

For maximum safety, the Formula 101 complex is laid out on a large commercial site with no barriers, curbing or other obstacles. And, there is no driver liability. With only one driver on each track at a time, you focus on competing against the clock. And, it's not necessary to be the fastest driver to have an great time. Taking time to learn the tracks, while building your speed gradually, allows you to achieve your greatest potential.

Participation in the Formula Racing Experience is limited to individuals weighing less than 270lbs and less than 6'5" tall. Individuals who are pregnant, have broken bones or other physical conditions which are considered unsafe in racing conditions are not eligible to participate.

Participants must be at least 5' tall and 18 years of age and have a valid driver's license.

Participants are required to sign a Liability Release Form.


Cancellation Policy
All changes to reservations for the Formula 101 Racecar Driving Experience require forty-five (45) days advance notice.

Xperience CertificatesĀ® cannot be exchanged once a reservation for the experience has been made.

Formula 101 Racecar Driving Unique Gift  

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