St Paul Extreme Sandbox Experience

Play in a Supersized Sandbox this Heavy Equipment Digging Experience

Extended St Paul Extreme Sandbox (optional):
  • Classic Sandbox Extend the length of your St Paul Extreme Sandbox Experience and enjoy an hour playing in the sandbox.

    + $105 Total: $315
  • Ultimate Sandbox Extend the length of your St Paul Extreme Sandbox Experience and play with two pieces of heavy equipment during this 3 hour adventure.

    + $320 Total: $530
  • Extreme Sandbox Paul Extreme Sandbox Experience and play with all three pieces of heavy equipment during this full day adventure.

    + $748 Total: $958
  • Crush a Car Get rid of your aggression and Destroy a Car with your choice of equipment during this hour and a half Extreme Sandbox Session

    + $635 Total: $845
  • Dueling Adventure Compete head-to-head with a friend for 60 minutes in either an excavator or a bulldozer!

    + $215 Total: $425

About This Experience

General Information hide

Experience the thrill of digging and playing in the dirt behind the controls of Heavy Equipment!  Let out the kid in you during this Extreme Sandbox Experience in Hastings, Minnesota! 

Just a short drive from Minneapolis or Saint Paul, this Heavy Machine Operating adventure takes place in a 10-acre “sandbox”. The ninety-minute adventure begins with an in-cab over view of the machine and safety procedures of either an Excavator, Bulldozer or Skid Steer. Once fully briefed, you will learn to maneuver the machine of your choice through a few warm-up exercises. After you’re comfortable operating the machine, you will then be guided through a series of exercises before enjoying some free time during which you’ll be able to tear, dig, rip, claw, grind, and drive for an hour of fun!

So, climb on up and prepare for the thrill of a lifetime! This Earth Moving Adventure in Minnesota is the perfect unique gift for thrill seekers. We guarantee you'll walk away with a grin and lasting memories!

Where It's Located hide

  • Hastings, Minnesota

Who Is Included hide

The St Paul Extreme Sandbox Experience Gifts Certificate is valid for one participant, unless the Dueling Adventure option is added.

You may invite guests to watch your digging adventure.

When It Is Offered hide

The St Paul Digging Experience is offered Wednesday thru Saturday year-round, subject to availability. Reservations can be scheduled from 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

How Long Is It hide

The Digging Adventure includes 20-30 minutes of instruction and approximately 30 minutes of equipment use and a total duration of 1¼ hour, unless an Extended Option is selected.

Weather hide

The Heavy Equipment Experience typically takes place in all weather conditions but may be rescheduled by the Instructor due to heavy rain or other inclement weather.

What To Wear hide

Comfortable clothing and flat closed-toed rubber soled shoes such as sneakers or work boots. Long-sleeved shirts and pants are recommended. You will get a little dirty, so please keep that in mind when selecting your attire. You will be provided with all necessary safety gear.

Additional Information hide

Participants will receive a safety and equipment orientation prior to being allowed to operate any of the machinery. All equipment has climate controlled enclosed cabs that can be adjusted by the operator for comfort.

Participants must be at least 5' tall and 14 years of age. All equipment is single rider only. There is a comfortable viewing area that overlooks the sandbox for family and friends.

Individuals who are pregnant, have broken bones or other physical conditions which are considered unsafe are not eligible to participate.

Participants are required to sign a Liability Release Form.


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Reservation Information hide

All changes to reservations for the St Paul Extreme Sandbox require seven (7) days advance notice.

Xperience Certificates® cannot be exchanged once a reservation for the experience has been made.

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