All Aboard the Intern Ship! Part 5: Tubing

Ahh tubing… well I couldn’t come to Steamboat and not jump straight onto a tube and float down the river now could I?! I admit, at first I didn’t have a clue what tubing was – hey, it only ever rains where I’m from in England! Once we got the tubes inflated and dry bags ready, we find the perfect spot to enter the river… and it’s all hard work from there…

…what?! There is some art and skill to tubing… honest! You still have to avoid those pesky rocks, and what about the other tubers? Making sure everyone is having fun? Ok, well that’s not hard, with everyone around you being so happy and pleasant, it’s super easy to drift down the river and make friends as you go. I suggest going in a big group, the bigger the better, plus you might find you end up picking up some people along the way.

After two hours of gliding over currents and around bends we eventually drift up to Sunpies, just in time to grab some food and drink with plenty of other tubers.

Sitting back, taking in the beautiful sights and soaking up the sun as you float down the Yampa River, what’s not to love?! If you haven’t done this yet, I couldn’t recommend it more, so grab some friends and any form of non-glass container beverage and get yourself into a tube. Just make sure to leave your phone at home, mine didn’t end up getting wet like some people I know… but having a bath in a split bottle of sunscreen! Whoops.

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