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Horses for Courses

Only a certain type of person wants to spend hours in the saddle rising across the US. Obviously, horse lovers and fans of all things equine might be interested. Yet, as the horse is such a part of US culture, history buffs as well as tourists love to get out and ride, discovering US history as they go.

But it also takes a special type of horse. Some breeds may be great at shorter distances; others may be slightly built and better suited to the racecourse.

There are a number of horse breeds in the US, each with its own qualities, so here’s a quick look at those favored for long distance, country-crossing adventures.

American Whites and American Creams
Decedents of ‘Old King’, born in 1908 and owned by a professor in Illinois, these horses became known for a time as ‘American Albinos’.

Old King’s original offspring were known for their versatility. They were used for farming and dressage, as well as driving cattle and performing circus tricks.

Later taking the name American White Horse, its close relatives include the American Cream.

Arabian Horses
Famed for both its beauty and stamina, it is said that strains of this breed are found in horses all over the world.

Originally from the Bedouin tribes of the Middle East, this highly athletic horse was popular in Europe. It was bred in private and also by the military.

Entrepreneur Henry Brabson imported Arabian horses to his farm in Illinois. This new bloodline then took his name as ‘the Brabson Egyptians’, and horses crossbred from here as ‘Brabson influenced’.

Known for its endurance, this breed is equally as good at racing as it is dressage.

The American Quarter Horse
The oldest surviving American horse breed, it’s recognized by its relatively short body, short head and muscular shoulders. Intelligent yet docile, these horses are great all-rounders. They are at home on the trail, and happy when working with cattle and playing polo. If you know someone who would love to take with you on a trail ride for two in Sedona, it’s likely you will both ride American Quarter Horses.

Now if you think there’s someone who might like a little adventure as well as a horse ride, why not try them with a paddle-and-saddle trip? Here they will be able to master the Arkansas River, before they take to horseback.

Whichever horse they ride, you can be sure there is no more authentic experience than exploring the US countryside on horseback.