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Despite enjoying a traditional cold winter period, there’s no guarantee of snow for Christmas Day Gift Giving in Atlanta this year. This means it’s still possible to get out and take on active pursuits, and when it comes to Christmas gifts, there’s a whole range of interesting activities to consider.

With its history producing Bell aircraft, it’s no surprise that flight tours of Atlanta prove popular. Taking to the air over Atlanta will soon reveal just how vast the metropolitan area is: it’s the largest municipality in Georgia and the ninth largest in the US.

A helicopter tour is the best way to help a relative get a bird’s eye view of the city, while bi-plane flights hark back to an older age of flight but can reach right out to Stone Mountain Park.

The Atlanta Speedway celebrates 50 years of racing this year, so family race fans are likely to have had a great year already. Opening a gift experience for a race day and the chance to drive an INDY car will surely get them all revved up.

Now, if you would rather your mom or dad got a gift that they could enjoy immediately, regardless of the weather, there are a couple of tasty options:

A private wine tasting session will leave them yearning to learn more about vino, and if you want to make it an even more special, you can always have a wine expert come direct to their home.

Even more personal is giving them the chance to have their own song written. They could remember this Christmas with a lifelong memory, one that they can revisit any time, and play back again and again.

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