Experience Gifts Focus – Scenic flights

Experience Gifts Focus – Scenic flights

Earth from Above – the exhibition that’s changing a generation

For as long as we’ve been flying, pilots and crew have been photographing. Even so, the most comprehensive study of the earth from above is still underway, and it’s capturing the hearts and minds of people lucky enough to see it.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand began The Earth from Above’ project ten years ago. This French photographer and environmentalist, and his team, has been busy capturing all the detail and finery of our planet from above – the results are amazing!

The most recent US city to get snapped was New York. Flying over the big apple’s distinctive skyline, he managed to get images that we could only dream of.

Now, while much of this is down to his skill as a professional photographer, it’s also made possible by his use of a helicopter.

So, if you were to book a scenic flight for a friend or colleague, maybe they could capture some of the same images?

A look later at their online picture album will no doubt leave you a little envious. However, scenic flights are not necessarily solo flights, so you could even get in on the action.

Scenic flights aren’t exclusively in helicopters either. There are flights in seaplanes over Chesapeake Bay, Washington DC and sunset discovery flights above Phoenix, as well.

Yann has covered the most well known countries and regions on the planet, but he won’t have had a Smokey Mountains helicopter tour or a flight tour over southeastern Georgia!

So, whoever you get a scenic flight gift certificate for could return with pictures even the professionals haven’t got. What a great thought.