Experience Gifts The Fourth Day of Christmas

Experience Gifts – The Fourth day of Christmas

It’s probably about now you’re wondering what your true love is going to give you this Christmas? And more importantly, what it is you are going to give them? Well, traditionally it would be four calling birds, so all eyes are to the sky…or more specifically, to gifts in the sky.

Learning to fly could be one of those life-changing experiences. Just leaving the ground, behind the controls of a light aircraft or helicopter, has to be one of the most empowering feelings you’ll ever have.

And it’s not beyond the realms of a Christmas gift. There are many introductory flight lessons and even booking your partner flights over your favorite city is easy.

Now, if you want to raise a smile when it comes to gift opening time, a hot air balloon ride always hits the spot. It’s an activity that few people ever get to try – imagine sharing a glass of champagne while watching the sunset from a few hundred feet up!

For the partner who would prefer a falcon to a calling bird, there are fighter pilot sessions to try: buckled in, diving through the clouds in hot pursuit of the ‘enemy’, it’s fast and furious!

In the world of the bird, the eagle is king. But soaring majestically on natural thermals is something we can also do, by taking a glider flight.

Hang gliding and paragliding do away with the plane and make do with just a wing or canopy. Now this is the nearest you’ll ever get to flying, and it takes some nerve.

With these gifts it’s likely you’ll want to show willing and get involved yourself, because with so much happening in the sky, the last place you’d want to be is on the ground.

So unclip those wings and ruffle a few feathers this Christmas with a gift of flight.