If you’ll like shopping, you’ll love…your local pottery class?

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As the weekends get colder and more damp and the shops bringing in their holiday decorations in earlier than ever (there’s a reason I brought it up), what suggestions are there for someone who wants to stay active and creative whilst the weather becomes even worse? Ever thought of pottery?




Pottery and ceramic painting classes are a great outlet for creativity and design, plus also allowing you to regress back to your primary school art class days. Classes range from ceramic painting for newcomers to pottery, and more intensive classes depending on whether you want to make a bowl or a decorative sculpture. These classes are brilliant for groups of friends and families, and if you have a party coming up, some private studios are only too happy to accommodate large parties.




Need any more reasons why pottery classes are better than long fruitless treks around the high street on the run-up to Christmas? Pottery and ceramic painting classes can inspire some truly individualized gifts for people you love. If you end up painting a mug on your first week, the joy of painting may lead you to make several mugs and even a tea-set. The lucky recipient will truly love a gift with an individual touch.