Make Teambuilding Experiences Work

Make Your Teambuilding Sessions Work

It’s a cornerstone of managerial policy and a chance for employees to enjoy themselves, but a teambuilding session is not always easy to structure: What’s the point? What do you achieve? And which of the hundred’s of group activities really help bind a team together?

Every business is a team. If you’ve only one other person working with you, success in business still demands you work as a team. With this in mind, companies have strived to get their workers from behind their desks and into the woods.

Team building activities can be run internally too, it’s just that they don’t have the attraction, and can be seen as a distraction from everyday workload.

Well-organized sessions help foster trust and awareness between co-workers, and build bridges between desks and departments, which now may only ever communicate via e-mail.

It’s also a chance for new leaders to come to the fore. Just make sure you are inclusive in your choice of activity: everyone should be able to manage the physical challenges, and all the while have a massive, beaming smile on their faces.

Whitewater rafting is the perfect teambuilding activity: it needs a lot of communication from team members, is suited to all ages and fitness levels, and helps develop real camaraderie.

Team building activities often take the form of logic games, or large scale physical puzzles, set in the wilds. All very well, but they are more about leadership and organization and not enough about fun and togetherness.

For large groups there are Washington Whitewater experiences, which cover the Skagit, Wenatchee, Methow, Tieton and White Salmon Rivers, and similar sessions across the country.

Likewise, what better gift for a friend than a whitewater rafting for two gift certificate? This way you could both go and pit yourselves against one of the finest challenges nature has to offer.