Solving The Gift Registry Dilemma

Romance is a wonderful thing. Maybe that’s why we find so many different occasions to celebrate it:

  • Weddings
  • Honeymoons
  • Anniversaries
  • Engagements…

    Of course, each and every one of these amazing experiences can come with a pretty steep price tag. Weddings call for dresses, rings, caterers, reserving your venue of choice, rehearsals, dinners and much more. Brides and grooms-to-be are even more mindful of their weddings expenses given where the economy is today.

    Honeymoons mean booking a flight, renting cars, resort reservations – and that’s just the mandatory stuff. Dinners, souvenirs and sight-seeing will run the tab even higher.

    Anniversaries and engagements aren’t quite as expensive, but with all of the circumstances and set-backs that have a tendency of “popping up”, setting aside the money to celebrate can be a Herculean task!

    The point is, when big events like these roll around – people have enough to worry about! Creating an easy and free Gift Registry that addresses all your registry needs shouldn’t be one of them.

    This commitment seems to be evident at, a popular online gift registry service provider. Their mission is to keep romance alive and well, while at the same time taking the headache out of making it happen.

    A good gift registry should simplify things and bring all of the resources you need together in one place. isn’t just about adding gifts to a list and telling your friends about it. At you can:

  • Register for millions of traditional Wedding Gifts from your favorite stores
  • Tastefully register for Cash Gifts in any denomination
  • Break down large ticket items into smaller group gifts which your guests can purchase
  • Use the WishCard anywhere Visa cards are accepted or at any ATM worldwide

    Not only can you register for any gift imaginable (including traditional, cash or experience gifts) but you can also find a comprehensive suite of event planning tools, advice and tips for a successful event.

    Romance is often synonymous with intimacy, rest and relaxation. The last thing you need is to head into it with tension, anxiety or frustration. Go ahead! Take the headache out of event planning by registering today for free!

    You’ll be glad you did…

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