Valentines Day Gift Guide 2017


Whether you are married, in a relationship or single, we have put together the top experience choices to try out this Valentine’s Day! For thrill-seekers, those in need of relaxation or those who want to clue up on culture, read more to get inspired this Valentine’s Day.


Hot air ballooning is a great way to view the world from above, peacefully and gracefully. Starting from $186 each, this is a typically romantic experience, but can also be enjoyed with friends or family. By combining a small amount of adrenaline with excitement and tranquillity, this is the ideal experience for those of you who want to try something a little different this year.

lake_mead_-_evening_meal_300x240 lake-mead-brunch-cruise_300x240

If you are a real foodie and want to combine that with something a little more adventurous, then a culinary cruise is just the thing! Explore the city with a view from the water, combine that with good weather and great company and you’ve got the perfect Valentine’s Day Date. This can be enjoyed with the two of you, but is also enjoyable for friends and family.

sierra-railroad-train_300x240 sierra-railroad-high-noon-express_300x240

For those of you who have the desire to do a travelling experience and see the beauty of the countryside, then a scenic train ride is the thing for you. This can be an especially romantic experience as well as a casual, friendly one and so is suitable for you and whoever you decide to take! Whether you go for a classic steam train ride or a sunset journey, experience the magic of trains.

motocross_300x240 park-city-atv-tours_300x240

Why not do something totally non-valentine’s and get the adrenaline rush of a lifetime by racing your fellow Valentine Day’ers on these quadbikes or motorbikes. These are some of the best vehicles to have fun on, as you can not only better and practice your racing skills but you can reach high speeds and accomplish obstacles. This is a great outdoors, exciting adventure for all!

We hope you have enjoyed a few sneak peaks at the kind of fun things you could be up to on the 14th of February, for more information and experiences visit our Valentine’s Day category page. Otherwise, we wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!


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