All Aboard the Internship! Part 4: Alpine Slide

Hi guys! My last few blog posts have had me splashing around in the water, whether I’m kayaking, paddle boarding or practicing my yoga moves. However, this time, I got myself onto a sled and whizzed down a tubed slide on the beautiful hills of Steamboat Mountain.

Alpine Slide 1.1Having been to Steamboat once before in February, seeing the green grass and not wearing my ski gear was certainly a shock to the system. Everything looked beautiful covered in snow, but oh my, did it look just as stunning, or maybe even more, when the sun shone down on the green hills and blue lakes! I still haven’t been able to get over how blue the sky is… all the time!

Arriving at the bottom of a chair lift and handing in a token for my ride, I take a seat and let the beautiful sights sink in as I‘m taken to the top of the hill. Greeted kindly by a member of staff and then handed a sled, I begin to prepare myself for the slide back down.

Alpine Slide 2Sitting on the simple sled I slide towards the stop sign and wait for my signal to go from an employee sat in his control tower… and I’m off! Gathering up speed as I rattle around corners and fly over bumps, I dip at the turns and try to break as little as possible… although the sleds definitely work up quite a speed on my journey down. Within minutes I find myself coming to halt at the bottom of the hill, ready and raring to jump on the chair lift and have another go!

This is a great experience for children and adults – with two slides next to each other it’s not hard to have a race down to the bottom first… I suggest going on the left though, I hear it’s faster!

Alpine Slide 3

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