All Aboard the Internship! Part 3: Paddleboard Yoga

Once again we here from the intern, Jo, about her adventures in Steamboat during the summer. This post features the third part of her trip, let’s see what she has to say…

US PB Yoga 1Whilst in Steamboat I’ve been down the River Yampa in both a kayak and on paddle board, but this blog post brings you a paddle boarding lesson like no other – yoga on a paddle board in Steamboat.

Once again, I’m brand new to anything paddle boarding related, so after a quick run through of how to stand on the board and the best way to paddle around I already feel confident enough for our lesson. I am joined by six others on the lesson and we all find ourselves floating around as a group completing all the yoga moves as our instructor talks us through each position.

US PB Yoga 2The hour session begins with the more simple moves in yoga and gradually works up to positions that require more balance and flexibility. After a while I find myself forgetting that I’m on a paddle board as I drift peacefully around the lake and into a sense of tranquility as the sun beams down on the group.

Having done yoga and hot yoga before I loved this, admittedly it does take a couple of movements to get accustomed to the rocking motion of the board, but once I steadied my balance it didn’t take long to get into the yoga mind. If I lived in Steamboat you would definitely see me practicing my downward dog on the water more often!

Once again, thank you Experience Days, this experience had me doing something I never even thought was possible!

US PB Yoga 3





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