All aboard the InternShip! Part 2: Kayaking

Hi guys, I’m back and raring to go with some more crazy adventures in Steamboat! Once again, bringing you the lowdown on some of the best experiences we offer you here at Experience Days. To start things off, I strapped on a helmet and jumped straight into a Kayak!

US Kayaking 1.1Pulling up at River Creek Park, looking out onto the river and being a first time Kayaker the nerves begin to kick in, but my instructor, Marty, is relaxed and eases us one by one in the water… and we’re off!

I’m joined by seven others and we’re soon getting to grips with the paddle and the rocking motion of the kayak, even a slight hip movement gets the boat swaying. Marty has us paddling in a straight line first… although my kayak has other plans and I find myself going around in circles! Marty gives us a few tips before we’re fully launched into our lesson, and I can now control the kayak and head out into a wider part of the river. Marty teaches us how to turn, paddle back and forth, ferry and avoid rocks as we travel into more difficult parts of the river.

US Kayaking 2Once again my kayak has a mind of its own… ok, ok, maybe I’m still trying to get the hang of how to control it, but I’m pretty good at bumper boats by the end of my experience! As we travel down the river, avoiding each other and the rocks, I’m stunned by all the beautiful sights, (being from gloomy England, Steamboat sure is pretty). Kayaking under bridges and past fishers, working on my paddling skills and perfecting my technique of peeling into an eddy (a calmer part of the river, next to the banks, where it’s easier to stay still).

After plenty of practice and beautiful kayaking scenery it’s time to face the harder section – hidden rocks, waves and bigger currents. This is by far my favorite bit… admittedly I hit a few rocks and definitely manage to get wet but I stayed in the kayak and gathered up some great speed!

US Kayaking 3

Our final lesson in the three hour experience is how to surf some waves… no I didn’t suddenly trade in a kayak for a surfboard! At some parts of the river, the currents are bigger and it’s possible to surf a wave by facing a certain a direction and balancing the boat with your hips and paddle. It took me a while to get the hang of it but once you get it, I loved it!

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