Awesome Gifts For Husbands

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So you’re buying hubby a gift… This should be one of the easiest gifts you can buy right? Your husband and your kids (if you have them) are the people you know most in the world, so you’ll have no problem picking out the perfect gifts for them, ones that they’ll absolutely adore? Well, not so fast. Your kids are one thing – you will know what they want because they will tell you what they want. They will do so repeatedly and loudly, and they will make sure the message has been received. Your husband, on the other hand, will not (unless you’re particularly unlucky) stand in front of what he wants in a store, pointing at it and screaming about how much he wants it. You might have to do a little homework to figure out what figures on his Christmas list! We have a few little handy hints for you though, to make sure that your gift to him delights him every bit as much as you want it to.

First things first. What’s the occasion? Is it his birthday or Christmas? If so, you will probably want to go a little bigger with your gift and make it really all about him. If it’s an anniversary gift or a Valentine’s day gift, it can be nice to get something for both of you to enjoy – a night or weekend away together or a memorable experience for you both to enjoy

Man silhouetteBeware the ‘men’s gifts’ department. You’re buying a gift for your husband, the man who promised to honour and cherish you through good times and bad… novelty socks and a beer-holder baseball cap are not going to cut the mustard. These are fine as funny additions to a more thoughtful and personal gift, but really, generic men’s gifts are more for the office secret Santa than those you hold near and dear!


Get him something he wants, not something he needs. Think about it – would you like to receive a new frying pan for your birthday? No, no you would not. Not even if you really needed one. Well, extend that same thought to your husband! He might need a new vacuum cleaner, but that doesn’t mean he wants one under the tree at Christmas. Exceptions to this rule are: sneakers, if he needs new ones and you buy him awesome ones, and holidays, if he says needs one of those. Both acceptable!


This is a situation where you do not pool resources, unless it’s with someone really rich and the gift is a new car for him. He is your husband, this is your gift to him and yours alone!

Take notes and be prepared. He might be a big hinter, but he might be a bit more subtle. If he’s the subtle kind, it’s up to you to keep your ears open if you want to surprise him with something really incredible on gift-day. Listen to him throughout the year. If you guys are on a holiday, and he mentions that he loves something in a little store, try to get back to the store to buy the thing and save it for his birthday/the holidays. Even at home, pay attention to what he likes and mentions, and search online for different ideas that relate. This is the best way to really surprise and delight your husband with an awesome gift, and it’s the perfect way to show how much you care!

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