Christmas Experience Gifts For Couples

Christmas Experience Gifts for Couples

Ever heard the saying “It’s better to give than receive”? This may be true but when you get someone you love a great Christmas gift, it’s easy to get a little jealous!

Being a couple is all about doing things together; it could be the simplest of activities, from walking in the park to catching a movie. And there are few gifts that allow you both to enjoy the moment. So instead of getting someone a gift that only they will appreciate, put yourself in the equation and get thinking for two.

Try a romantic gesture, such as a dinner for two or share a traditional gondola cruise. Pick a shared interest: imagine your partner’s face when they open a gift box at Christmas to find they are off on a whale watching trip!

In some ways, it’s easier to pick a gift for your partner, as you know what they like. Are they into their adventure sports or do they prefer staying in?

As an active couple there are great climbing courses available – always good to help build trust. A massage is the best way to wind down. It’s an easy way to get all the attention and relaxation you need, and again it’s something you can enjoy together.

Otherwise, look out for private photography tours, where you wander your city together picking up great photography tips – there will always be a chance to get a great photo of you both, just learn how to use the self-timer function!

Creating your own pottery is another way to stay close; working together you’ll enjoy the classes but then have to make your own bowls, so pay attention, you’ll want yours to be best!

A helicopter flight gift certificate and a romantic sunset lunch could bring to a close a day of romance and shared fun. So this Christmas, why not think as a couple and get a gift you’ll both enjoy?