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New York is arguably the most romantic city in the US, if not the world. The backdrop to hundreds of our favorite movie moments, it’s filled with iconic imagery.

However, it’s huge! To get an idea of it, or to help a relative get a better understanding of just what’s on offer, take a walking tour of Manhattan.

If you have a gift to find for a TV or movie buff then there are trips here to the apartment from Friends, and to the latest locations from Hollywood blockbusters I am Legend and The Devil Wears Prada.

Once called New Amsterdam, New York has long been a cultural melting pot: something food fans know only too well. Food tours of China Town will get them cooking with new ingredients, while sushi tasting sessions get their taste buds tingling.

Taking time away from the city is really important, and Central Park is the place to do it. It’s so big it’s best traveled on bike, and with a tour guide to help them they’ll have its history and character better explained.

For budding entrepreneurs get them into Wall Street to see how the wheels of multi-billion dollar businesses turn. For the view that everyone wants but never gets, they need a helicopter tour. With the ability to roam the skies at will, they will get an uninterrupted look at a city which grew from a trading port to the international destination it is today.

And for the real romantics, what better location could there ever be than New York harbor for a date and a meal?

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