An Experience Gift – Healthy Eating

Think healthy, not plenty!

We’ve been eating too much and it’s starting to show! So, with the help from a heady mix of doctors, scientists and chefs, we are slowly starting to modify our diet.

And while the cookies and candy are going on hold (at least for a little while) we are looking for healthier ingredients, lower fat content and also hoping to shed a pound or two.

The great thing about our move to a healthier lifestyle is that there is no restriction on dining out. In fact, an evening at a restaurant that has a really good chef can even inspire us to cook healthier.

And it’s not all about fat content either. Increasingly, chefs are advocating eating nutritious foods, but suggesting we enjoy the meals we like; even if some dishes are fatty, we should just apply a little moderation and variety.

Brit celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is making his way around the US telling people to eat nutritious healthy foods as part of a food revolution – it’s just about learning more about food and realizing that healthy food can be tasty food.

Eating out is as much about the moment and the setting as it is the dish; great food in a bland restaurant or dirty diner is never going to be appealing.

Possibly the best place for a private meal or dinner date is on a dinner cruise; where else can you get those views?

And with dinner cruises established on boats sailing the St Croix River, around Tampa Bay, even across New York harbor, there’s always plenty of choice – and there’s the desert menu to think of!