Last Minute Experience Gifts 2010

Last Minute Unique Gifts

It’s never too late to get someone a Christmas gift. Yes it’s the thought that counts, but it still also helps if you send it on time!

Some people plan their Christmas gifts months in advance, while others are too busy living for the moment. Well, the clock is ticking so it’s time to think on your feet: What did they say they want? What do they love most?

With little time left, keep it simple and go for the country’s most popular gift – Gift Certificates.

For brothers, uncles, boyfriends, and husbands pick the most exciting sporting gifts you can find: race car driving, freefall lessons, or beer tasting trips are all safe choices.

For moms, sisters, aunties, and wives go for the romantic gestures such as cruises, gourmet cooking lessons and romantic helicopter trips.

Adventurous sorts will always get a kick out of trying a new sport, such as climbing or parachuting, whereas travelers and studious sorts will appreciate guided tours and whale watching trips.

Bike riders are likely to get a thrill out of a Segway tour, and creative friends and loved ones will rise to the challenges of mastering new skills on a potter’s wheel, or learning the intricacies of glass blowing.

And everyone enjoys fine dining, so for ‘very’ last minute gifts that will always work think food, food, and food!