Experience Gifts The Twelth Day of Christmas

Experience Gifts The 12th day of Christmas

We’re now well into December and thoughts are turning to food. According to the song, you would have gifted twelve drummers drumming, although it’s more likely your gift certificates will have them cracking a dozen eggs in a gourmet cooking class.

No doubt friends and relatives are starting on what will be at least 12 days of over-eating, so let’s see how many ways they could get into shape once the new year begins.

Walking tours are a great way to burn off the calories while picking up nuggets of information; dance classes offer an all-round workout, and test skill and co-ordination; while kayaking and rafting get your upper body toned – if a little wet.

Climbers are some of the fittest and most agile of sports people. But, instead of trying to convince a friend to drive out to the nearest mountain range, just get them a gift certificate for a climbing wall.

Water lovers may consider it a little early for a surfing, although lessons in this sport will get their bodies all flexed and ready for the coming summer.

Having fattened up over The Holidays, it will soon be time for us to get back into sport and make the most of the longer days. Summer’s coming so let’s get in shape.