Experience Gifts The 11th Day of Christmas

Experience Gifts The 11th Day of Christmas

Can you hold a tune? Are you a shower singer, or karaoke star? Or does the idea of standing up and belting out a classic leave you week at the knees? The eleven pipers piping clearly liked a tune or two. But when it comes to Christmas gifts what is there that can be done for the music fan in your life?

Well, as the US is the home of rock ‘n’ roll and hip-hop, there’s music of every type out there. With a gift certificate for guitar lessons you can help them pursue their rock dreams or finish the day in a blues club.

A hip-hop tour will see them bounce around town, picking up the origins of its rich and troubled past.

Although, without a DJ there would be no hip-hop – well, at least not hip-hop as we know it. For a fan who fancies picking up the skills behind the decks, there are DJ lessons. But if it’s the dance moves that go with music, think about gifting them a few lessons out front.

Before modern hip-hop made its mark, there were plenty of other genres of music that turned popular music on its head. The most notorious perhaps was punk. If you’ve a relative who loves the New York Dolls or has a massive record collection, they’ll love music tours of New York.

Christmas is always a time for music and celebration, and with a great gift idea there’s every reason for the party to continue into the new year!