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Los Angeles is the home of movies. From just outside the Paramount movie studios you can see, written in 50ft-high letters on the hill side, the sign that says it all: HOLLYWOOD.

First erected to advertise a new housing development ‘Holywoodland’, the white billboard is an icon of the US film industry. In fact, a quick drive around and you’ll pass all the major studios, and probably spot parts of town you’ve previously seen in the movies.

Constantly reminded of all the nearby glitz and glamor, Christmas is a great time to stock up on your favorite films and settle in for some family entertainment.

But for film lovers there are other ways you can get closer to the action: If there’s a fan of detective dramas or spy thrillers, then there are adventure hunts and interactive events in which they can test their powers of deduction, while racing around LA neighborhoods.

Hollywood action heroes are rarely without a hot body and some fast wheels. Be it wandering the Hollywood boulevard or racing to rescue hostages, both male and female stars stay in shape. Workout classes in Hollywood include sessions that take you to the most inspiring locations getting you achieving more!

Christmas in LA really could provide more action than your average Hollywood flick: From rock climbing to bungee jumping, skydiving to paragliding; just find the Jack Bauer or Agent Scully wannabe, and then get them opening a gift box that will really get their pulse racing.

For an escape from LA at a more sedate pace, set up a friend with a Segway tour of Santa Barbara – it could be the perfect antidote for all that excitement. Rolling through the American Riviera they will get to see the beaches this section of the Californian coast is so famous for.

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