San Francisco Christmas Gifts

San Francisco Christmas Gifts

San Francisco doesn’t have white Christmases; thanks to the city’s year-round mild weather there’s less than a one per cent chance the Golden Gate Bridge will get a dusting of snow.

But thanks to such fair conditions, everyone can spend the holiday period out and about, looking for activities, while others dig their way out of snowdrifts.

San Franciscan’s spend all year outdoors – something to think about when you are considering a Christmas gift for a friend or family member living in the Bay Area.

Sailing fans could be receiving a gift certificate for lessons in the San Francisco Bay or enjoying a more laid-back experience on lake Taho, sailing into the sunset.

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge is San Francisco’s most recognizable landmark. Well, past this there are whales to see off the Monterey coast – imagine the reaction when a friend opens a gift experience box to find they are going whale watching?

Back on land, and for the adventurous sort you could consider rock climbing – after just four hours the lucky recipient will be brimming in confidence ready to climb safely. There’s also a relaxed electric bike tour of town, or a trip to the nearby Yosemite National Park for a guided tour.

You can’t live in San Francisco and not recognize the coast of Monterey, especially when it makes a Hollywood appearance. Well, movie buffs can get in on a movie tour, or even receive a gift certificate that lets them take part in a re-enactment of the Sacramento Great Train Robbery.

All things considered, on Christmas Day in San Francisco you can be sure everyone’s opening their gifts with as much enthusiasm as in every other city, snow or no snow!

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