Experience Gifts The Ninth Day of Christmas

Experience Gifts The 9th Day of Christmas

Cats may have nine lives but sadly we don’t! If you prefer the laid back to the adrenaline-loaded and would prefer less risk than more, then there’s a range of gift ideas that will help you take the slow and scenic route.

History tours are a way to get rare, expert knowledge without having to pour over dusty old textbooks. And a good tour guide will bring the past to life making it fascinating and real.

If you know someone who is forever rushing through life with not a second to spare you should help them out a little. You can guarantee they already pass places of huge cultural and historic interest everyday. Driving past is too fast, and cycling is way too rapid for anyone to ever pick up the finer points; they could take a walking tour instead?

For the country guys and gals there’s nature tours, and for the city slickers there’s culinary tours. Film buffs can get in on the action as well: Philadelphia, for example, was the setting for classics such as Rocky, 12 Monkeys, and of course Philadelphia.

For a really relaxed Christmas gift there’s a river cruise. Nothing moves slower or is as relaxing to sail down as a river. Expect great food and entertainment as part of the package – cruise trips make sure guests take it easy, so you’ll not be setting any sails.

Perhaps an old timer you know would love nothing better for Christmas than to jump on an old-time trolley tour around town?

Still, there’s nothing as good as a photograph to capture the moment, so gifting a friend some photography tuition for Christmas will keep you on their Christmas card list for some time.

Good gifts are not about risk or high speed; the activities we’ve mentioned can reward and thrill with equal measure while keeping all nine lives intact!