Experience Gifts The Eighth Day of Christmas

On the Eighth Day of Christmas – We ate it all!

When asked what they ate last Christmas, most people could easily answer, “I ate too much!”

Good food, however, is all about quality not quantity, something people soon pick up during their lesson of a cooking course.

Good cooks always use the finest ingredients, yet great vegetables never make a salad: In the end, it’s really about the chef.

So, this Christmas help a partner or family member get their kitchen in shape and add a little variety to their home menus.

But take note: you have to remember that with their new skills will come an experimental flair for food – so expect future dishes to be more imaginative and perhaps a little less traditional.

Just because most of the western world has chicken, turkey or beef Christmas dinners, doesn’t mean we always have to stick to the plot – or the menu. Ever ate fish on the 25th of December, or ate a nut roast on Thanksgiving? Why not? Great food can be served at any time.

Eight people all tucking into a home made bowl of Chinese food inspired by cooking lessons or a recent culinary tour; eight vegetables all cooked into an Indian curry; or eight cookies all lovingly decorated for children to take with them after a party – cooking classes are just the start.

Vegetarian, Italian, Thai, Southern, Indian, Ethnic, Asian, and Traditional – that’s eight types of cuisine covered by cooking classes available as gifts across the US.

If ever there’s an activity that brings couples closer, it’s cooking. That’s why many of the classes are for two people. So find the ingredients, do the preparation and set the scene for a romantic night in. It’s still just the eight day of Christmas: there’s plenty more nights like these to be savored!