Experience Gifts The Seventh Day of Christmas

Seventh Day of Christmas – In Seventh Heaven

Ever heard the phrase, ‘in seventh heaven’? It stems from ancient religious beliefs that there are seven stages of heaven. So, if you are in seventh heaven, it’s got to be a place of the greatest happiness and luxury.

With Christmas coming, I’d like to think that only the best and the most expensive gifts would come through to my mailbox.

The great thing about gift experiences is that they arrive as regular gifts, all packaged in a gift box and delivered to your door.

With money as no object, here are the seven experience gifts our Christmas mail would contain:

Private Balloon Flights, with champagne – the most luxurious of flights, shared with a partner, rising together into the winter (or with a gift certificate wait until summer) skies.

Lap after lap behind the wheel of an INDY car, after getting our driving skills up to standard and enjoying some expert instruction.

A dinner cruise, with the whole yacht to ourselves – privacy and luxury do go together very well.

A full day off-road driving, all under the expert guidance of luxury SUV maker Land-Rover, at its own private driving school.

A helicopter flight with five friends to Las Vegas as part of an airborne tour of Red Rock State Park, leading to an exclusive wine tasting and some delicately prepared food.

A dogfight against some of the best pilots in the skies – this experience takes you as close as you can get to the intense close-quarter fighter pilot moments while guaranteeing you‘ll return victorious.

Now that’s seven luxuries to look forward to!