Experience Gifts The Sixth Day of Christmas

On The Sixth Day of Christmas – It’s all about the numbers

In the Chinese study of numbers, six takes on a celestial meaning and is related to the quality of time. Well, if it’s quality time you are after then look no further, we’ve activities as gifts galore.

Staying with an oriental theme, Sushi tasting events will tempt you with six courses of delicacies, and some beer and sake to wash them down with.

Jumping from a plane over California, you’ll get the best part of sixty seconds freefall, as part of a descent that lasts six full minutes.

You’ll need six gears in your NASCAR experience, as it’s you that’s behind the wheel, and you’ll need to choose from one of dozens (lots of sixes) of tracks around the US.

When wine testing, you really want to taste as many types as possible, although there is obviously a limit – so expect to taste 6 to 12 varieties.

For the more adventurous, there are six zip-line runs high in the tree tops of East Texas; from six to ten hang glider flights in Virginia; and when taking on the enemy high in the skies, you’ll face six separate missions, all as part of your dogfighting package.

And if you want to keep things closer to earth, try a 4×4 experience with Land Rover, where you will get six hours to spend working on your off-road techniques.