Experience Gifts The Second Day of Christmas

The Second Day of Christmas

The second day of Christmas is all about speed, because in the most thrilling sports every second counts!

No more so than in dragster racing. Each race is set over a quarter-mile circuit, with cars launched down the strip by the most powerful, high-octane engines. Even so, results here are measured in smiles per mile as well as milliseconds.

All racing is about winning, but there’s always the clock to beat. If you’ve a competitive relative, or a friend who loves their car but has never driven at the limit, there are plenty of options to drive them wild.

Track Day Experiences include NASCAR drives, Formula 101 racecar driving sessions and opportunities to drive in some of the world’s most prestigious marquees, such as Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin.

The second day of Christmas would not be complete without some two-wheel fun. Motorbike lovers could be opening a gift box for dirt bike riding, while novices keen to get on two wheels might find themselves rolling into the new year with a motorcycle lesson, or two…

Take a second look at the driving experiences, and you’ll soon find there’s just as much fun to be had off road. If you are looking for a great gift for a relative who drives an SUV, then get them switching from two- to four-wheel drive, and swapping tarmac for the rough stuff.

Real speed freaks may prefer to take to the air, and whether it’s a flying lesson or an air combat experience, every second soaring thorough the clouds will be remembered as if it were an hour.

For the ultimate speed treat you’ll need two people. Opening a gift box to find a gift certificate for a tandem parachute jump will leave someone drawing breath, yet perhaps the best consolation you can give them is that you will be joining them: a double tandem parachute experience, now that’s the gift for two!