Experience Gifts The First Day of Christmas

The First Day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas you are likely to have already started buying your gifts, but it’s unlikely you’ve found that once-in-a-lifetime gift experience.

Whether it’s for just one person, for one hour, or for a one-off gesture, there needs to be something unique to propel your gift to number 1.

Top of the pile is a Top Gun’ style air combat‘ session. This daring idea will put its recipient up in the air, in a fighter plane and in the middle of a high-speed battle.

If you are looking for something more sedate, there’s always the opportunity to pair up a golfing friend of yours with a golf pro, giving them the chance to work on their swing, pot that elusive hole-in-one and get one step closer to that PGA title.

Christmas is a time of sharing, so there’s no shame in finding a gift experience that you will also enjoy. For the love of your life, your one and only, consider a luxury cruise with food and entertainment included. From intimate dinner cruises to full-blown sightseeing trips on private yachts, you’ll both be spoiled for choice.

Food is the one thing everyone loves. So expect to be tempted by just one more piece of chocolate if you are indulging on a chocolate tour. With food, one thing often leads to another, so perhaps a culinary tour will inspire you both to take cooking lessons?

One day closer to Christmas is one day nearer those dreaded New Year’s resolutions. Well, there’s always one more sport to try, and for friends who love the outdoor life there are one-off adventures, including trapeze classes, bungee jumping and hang-gliding. It’s set to be one exciting Christmas…