Holiday Experience Gifts for Her

Holiday Experience Gifts for Her

Everyone has a woman in his or her life: it’s a mom, a sister, a wife, a lover or someone you just met. And try as we might, there’s no denying we love to treat them!

Each woman has her own interests and tastes, so don’t think for a moment they won’t want to try skydiving or whitewater rafting: they do!

You can be sure your mom would love nothing better for Christmas than a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers: but don’t do it.

Think outside of the box a little and have her punching through the clouds in a warplane, or taking the controls of a helicopter.

If your sis is always playing up saying how she’s just as brave as you, then she how she fares with hang gliding or climbing. And if you want to get really competitive then there are driving experiences for two – let’s see who’s the fastest.

But to fuel the fires of love you need a little more subtlety. A romantic meal, especially when it’s part of a river cruise, shows a thoughtful and personal touch – something women can’t help but admire.

And if you’ve just met, you should be looking at shared activities that bring you closer. Dance lessons as a Christmas gift, or a chocolate tour as a New Year’s treat: the woman in your life will surely be impressed.