Expert Interview With Shop Gotham!


This week we have had the privilege of learning more about Shop Gotham and it’s background! This unique experience gives you and whoever you decide to bring the unique chance to get expert advice on where to shop. With professionals leading each tour, this is truly one of the best ways to go shopping in NYC.

Q1. How was Shop Gotham founded?

Shop Gotham was founded from a dual love of travel and fashion. Having worked at a couple of large NYC museums which catered to visitors to NYC, I came to appreciate the visitor experience from the “supplier” side. As a person who loves to travel myself, I know that I am always seeking out interesting shopping which is specific to the area I am visiting. Finally, I am a passionate fashion follower and having lived in NYC for so long, I know how to find and access the kind of items I want. I recognized that millions of people come here annually and want to shop just as I do, but are often overwhelmed by the scope of NYC. Thus our programs were born so as to offer a platform for seeing and shopping in NYC in a different way.

Q2. What is your favorite part of Shop Gotham?

Introducing visitors to the many smaller brand designers we work with. It’s much more fun and satisfying to see and purchase beautiful clothing and accessories which you don’t see in every chain or department store.

Q3. Do you have any funny stories you could tell us?

Oh sure. There are many. Here are 2!

ONE: I myself was hosting a group of about 10 Canadian ladies on a Soho/Nolita Chic Boutiques tour. Up ahead I spotted the actor Leo DiCaprio walking toward us, clearly dressed “not to be seen” in a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses. I quietly warned the ladies and asked them to please let him pass by without interruption. My words were unheeded and they all pulled out their cameras which caused him to take off at top speed. Essentially, I chased away Leo DiCaprio.

TWO: Myself and about 8 women were on a corporate outing got stuck in an elevator in the Garment District and had to escape through the elevator roof. Fortunately, everyone took it well and we didn’t have to wait too long. Naturally, they went home with a good story. Not to scare anyone! That was the 1st and last time that has happened in 12 years.

Q4. How do you think you stand apart from other companies e.g. your competitors? 

First, we have been doing this for 12 years, which has allowed us to establish a large, diverse and ever changing group of stores and designers to work with

Our guides all have both a fashion and tourism background, enabling our guests to get the benefit of “good fashion eyes” and a wonderful sense of the geographic area they are shopping

Finally. While we have been around the longest and are also the largest in this niche arena, we are still a small company. This allows us to really tailor our programs to our guests and constantly make improvements.

Q5. Is there anything else you would like to share or mention that has not been covered? 

I think it’s important for guests to know that there is never any pressure to buy!


We’d like to say a massive thank you to Marla who took the time to answer our questions! We hope you enjoyed finding our more about Shop Gotham, where you can experience your very own personal shopping trip in New York. Why not take a look at our other various Tours and Activities such as city tours, food tours or art tours! 

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