Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel

Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel

There comes a time when sailing off the Amalfi coast doesn’t really do it for you. Neither does the idea of a week in Bali. Even tanning in Mustique seems a bit lame. So when the words ‘Las Vegas’ Best Near Death Experience’ pop up, it sounds like a trip customized just for you. Well that’s what Rolling Stone dubbed the two-hour, 35-mile course of dry riverbeds, sheer cliffs, ‘rattle snake rocks’, and sand dunes of Nevada.

The sands of Nevada -Valley of Fire and Nellis Dunes – are yours for the taking, on a state-of-the-art vehicle that is a cross between a desert racer and a dune buggy. How could you possibly pass up this opportunity? Experiencedays.com offers a number of off-road adventures and this is just one of the many options you have. Your ride for the two-and-a-half hours will be the Suzuki Eiger 4×4 ATV and all you have is miles of sand, stone and rocks to conquer. It’s almost as if the desert was made just for this. And for you.

If the ‘near death experience’ bit is rattling you, fear not. Experiencedays.com also offers jeep, Land Rover and dune buggy tours. There’s San Francisco, Biltmore Estate, Sedona’s historic sites and of course, the Nevada Desert, to roll through. If you’re up for it there are Land Rover sessions that can last all day and include lunch, or customized lessons and advanced trails among endless, scenic, wooded terrain. Bachelor party, boys’ weekend out, spring break: Do you really need an excuse? If you’re feeling generous enough, you can buy gift certificates for friends and family. That said, I’m sure no one would object if you insist on trying it out first.

There are many ways you can be one with nature, it’s just that this way you can do it in a 4×4!