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Everyone knows that the best way to find out about a city is with a tour. How else could you hope to learn so much, in such a short space of time? That’s not to say all tours are the same. Sometimes your nose and taste buds can guide you, other times your sixth sense will help. Even a fondness for Trivial Pursuit movie questions might reveal a city’s secrets. Our range of themed tours can help illuminate the city of your choice, in a highly original way.

In the mood for food? Try the culinary tours of Raleigh or Chinatown. There’s also a gourmet taste of San Francisco, a Jewish or Russian food tour of Brookline, an explosive Creole tour in the French quarters of New Orleans, market tours in Seattle, or the ever-popular chocolate tour of New York.

Sure, you could fly over these cities, but how about discovering New York through its most famous hip-hop spots? Or would you prefer to play detective, and be sent on a mission through the streets of Manhattan with a friend and just a few teasing clues? Could you solve the mystery as you investigate the city streets?

If you’ve been scoring big on movie trivia, you might want to opt for one of the movie location tours. There’s the Central Park, or the Philadelphia movie tour as well as the TV show location tour of Washington DC. There’s even an East Village Rock-n-Punk tour. If you are a fan of the dark, and of ghouls and gremlins, there are spooks on the menu too; a ghost tour of Philadelphia
, Savannah or Boston should keep your spirits up.

And then there are the toys. Do zeppelins strike your fancy? Or perhaps it’s a joyride in a biplane or a seaplane? Or would you like to pretend to be Donald Trump, and spend a few moments in a helicopter, watching the world from above? Whatever your taste in trips, we have a platter from which you can choose. If you’d like to gift your parents a relaxing Segway tour in North Carolina, or your girlfriend a moonlit canoe tour of Charles River, Massachusetts, all it takes is a few clicks of your mouse.

There’s a lot to discover in the US: No matter how many times you’ve visited a city, there will always be something unexpected or new to discover. Our tours give you one more way to renew your love affair with the city.

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