Get Fed On Foot

Get Fed On Foot

Have you ever wanted to discover a secret deli, or find that perfect patisserie? Perhaps spend an afternoon sipping beers straight from a brewery, or sampling rare caviar? If so, our walking food tours should prove tempting. We can serve up an entire buffet of food tours, conducted at various cities across the US.

Do you have a friend obsessed with dim sum? Why not gift him or her a gift certificate of a Chinatown Food and Culture Walking Tour? This three-hour walk will take your friend and their guest through the lanes of downtown Manhattan and Chinatown. As well as having several stops along the way to sample eastern delicacies, they also get to eat larger portions at two of Chinatown’s finest restaurants. All this and a crash course on traditional etiquette.

Why not gift your mother a chocolate tour for Mothers Day? This delectable tasting session is available in a number of cities, including Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, San Francisco and Seattle, with some offering more than one tour. A tipsy Father’s Day gift could be a gift certificate for a five-hour tour of San Diego’s best breweries. This leisurely trip will give him a crash course in ale, hops, barley, and the age-old skill of brewing.

Perhaps you would prefer a tour of Manhattan’s North of Little Italy? It’s perfect for fans of cheesecake, gelato and fresh mozzarella pizzas. There’s also a Jewish Food Tour for two in Brookline , with matzo ball soup and latkes; or a Russian tour, of delis and restaurants in Massachusetts, for vodka, blintzes and of course caviar.

The tours combine sumptuous meals and walks around typical neighborhoods. And they help you discover, or sometimes rediscover, a city through the history of its food.

The US is home to every culture. So why not learn a little, eat a little and try the foods on offer? Celebrate, indulge and take a little exercise with our walking food tours.