Steam Train Adventures

Anything can happen on a train. And if the movies are anything to go by you can expect romance, intrigue and a fight on the roof! Hollywood likes its train dramas and train murder mysteries – and there’s usually a world-famous detective or action hero traveling just in the next coupe. There have also been many notable train robberies, with bandana sporting cowboys or glamorous gangsters taking over – at least for a while: Train rides are nothing if not exciting.

Have you ever wondered how a dinner might pan out in the middle of all this? If you’re curious enough, can suggest a number of ways of exploring dinner on a train

. The ‘Sacramento Great Train Robbery’ dinner for two centers on a barbeque picnic lunch by the Sacramento river. However, while you’re traveling, expect to be distracted by an old-fashioned gunfight between the Sheriff and Bad Bob – an elaborately staged spectacle for an afternoon’s entertainment. You might even be randomly chosen to be an honorary cowpoke and learn the ‘secret handshake’.

If the Wild West isn’t your style, then we suggest trying a mystery dinner, perhaps the Sacramento or Sierra Murder Mystery Dinners? Think you have the makings of a detective? Then test your skills of deduction, and enjoy a delicious meal while you’re trying to figure out just whodunit.

Romance is almost guaranteed on a train ride. Why not relive history as you travel on century-old railroads, in restored rail carriages? The Northspur Train Ride is regarded as one of the top ten train trips in the West. You’ll tuck into a barbeque dinner as the train chugs along on a 120-year-old railroad. The view is as spectacular as it was a century back: Deer drinking from the Noyo river, and beautiful open meadows all along the coastal ‘Redwood Route’, which has been in operation since 1885.

If the idea of reliving history excites you, have you ever thought of driving a steam train?

you can try your hand at Connecticut’s Valley Railroad. Climb aboard a 4-6-4 steam engine, and after some basic instruction drive one of the most scenic routes Connecticut has to offer. You may be a railroad conductor for just one hour, but you will remember the experience of operating and driving one of our greatest inventions for a lifetime.