Make Your Own Unique Gifts

Pot Perfect Unique Gifts

Who knew a lump of damp clay could be sensual? That it could create something beautiful? Pottery is one of mankind’s oldest crafts. It was first used to make functional objects, such as bowls and vessels, but soon evolved into an art form. So the next time you’re lost for a gift for an artistically inclined family member or friend, why not try pottery classes and make your own?

Would you prefer a private lesson? If it’s romance you’re after, then why not pick a class for two?

Your next step is a wardrobe check, because let’s face it, this isn’t a date where you want to flaunt your best threads. Pull out the clothes you had tucked away for your next garage sale, since this is one activity that’s definitely going to get dirty.

Classes will provide you with a potter’s wheel and of course the clay. You (and your partner), or the lucky recipient of your gift certificate, will be instructed on how to operate the wheel and the tools, to create your own works of art. After your bout of clay handling, you can choose which of your creations deserve to go into the kiln to be fired and preserved forever. gift certificates are personalized and arrive in a box that will also include a description of the experience purchased, a description of the booking process and a calendar.

A pottery class is also a wonderful way to cherish a first date (but make sure your date doesn’t mind getting a bit disheveled and grubby, first). It’s an unusual experience, and you get to walk away with a keepsake and a new skill.